On the Road Of Love you stop at least once in your lifetime .

      This is what those who built this three-daisy pension thought of when placing it in this area that the people love so much .

     If we personalized each daisy, the first one would simbolize " the Love for Nature and Horses".

    The second would stand for Traditional Food that our chefs have found again with a great joy of living.

     The third one would stand for the Comfort that our rooms offer, Everything comes in very handy, nothing is missing and we used wood for building because it is so strongly connected to the human being.


     Settled on a former branch of the river Sebes, the pension gives you the opportunity to hear whistle of the wild pheasant, witch are very numerous around the place, and wich seem happier now that they are no longer within the gun shot of the hunters.

      The grass is walked by the hoofs of our pedigree Arabian and English horses which show us how close we, the human beings, could be to each other if it weren't for the cold evolution of technology . One can go horseback on different tracts and along with our trainers one can discover the miracle of horsemanship.

Domeniul Schiabil SUREANU

Drumul Dragostei - The road to Vinţu de Jos ,in "Trei Poduri" area, Tel. Reception: 0371-402272,  Mobile: 0733-015709

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